Immigration / Clearances

Entry / Exit territory

You can clear in and out electronically on the dedicated customs computer at the marina office during office hours (check times at the page CAPITAINERIE OPENING HOURS) : cost 3 €.
Bring your boat registry and passports of the crew or a list with details of all crew members: nationalities, name and surname, passport numbers, date and place of birth.

Steps to follow if you want to prepare your clearance in advance:

Download the 2 spreadsheet files

fill in with your boat info (bateau) and crew info (equipage_passagers), copy them on a USB key, IMPORTANT do NOT rename the files BATEAU and EQUIPAGE_PASSAGERS (the custom computer is a bit tempermental), bring your key with you at the harbour office, put it in the customs computer, print the clearance and the marina office agent will stamp it against 3€, you are good to go!

Entry requirements :

The documents to be supplied on arrival in Guadeloupe territory (valid for all boats) :

Acte de francisation et Titre de Navigation

  • The boat’s certificate of nationality
  • The passports of those arriving in Guadeloupe
  • The boat’s insurance certificate
  • And / or visas for third countries (for information)

1 - Foreign vessels :



Vessels belonging to persons residing abroad: These benefit from temporary admission to total exemption for a duration (continuous or not) of 6 months per period of 12 months.

Vessels belonging to foreigners resident in France or in an overseas region of France: same condition as above. No lucrative activity or loan is tolerated.

2 - Vessels belonging to persons resident in metropolitan France or another overseas region of France.

The owners of these vessels must have justified payment of the dues and taxes at the time of exemption. They may benefit from A.T.: under the O.M. and the DAOM for a duration (continuous or not) of 18 months. An interruption of the period of stay will lead to the return of the Frenchifying act to a customs agent during the time when the user is absent from Guadeloupe.

3 - Owners of pleasure craft based in St Martin (French part) or in St Barthélemy

These vessels are subject to special conditions.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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